Do you want to open sex shop in your country?

Welcome to Sex Shop #1 in Ukraine.

Who are we?

We are young fast growing IT and adult toys company from Eastern Europe. Our main selling domain name is, which is International one and can be used all over the World. We implement only highly developed decisions in our products that makes us be ahead from all our competitors. All the innovations we put in our web site give the possibility to be in TOP for all the high-frequency keywords people search on Google. Therefore, we do know SEO well. In addition, we do take care regarding Design and functionality. Using best World’s practices we have created something more than just sex shop. It is more…

What do we propose?

If you are strong in doing business in your country (USA, GB, France, Italy, etc.) or just going to have one but you’ve got indeed strong will for success then we propose next things:

1. We create an Internet platform e.g. (for Germany), (for Italy), (for France), (USA), etc.

2. We and you sign a contract to finance a project (SEO optimization, goods adding, ad buying, etc.).

3. We develop a concept of the store to be #1 on the country’s sex shop market on Internet.

4. You look for wholesales toys for adults in your country.

5. We and you successfully run our common business letting people to enjoy sex.

Please contact us for additional information by phone 0038-091-96-96-999 at any time or via email

Always open for cooperation to share our best experience on sex shop matters,

Mary Crystal

Kyiv, Ukraine, 2019